Many people unknown the snake when the snake about hits a snake?

Many people know the snake when the snake hits a snake, and at night the snake gets stabbed in the house of the wounded man. The snake's memory is very low and there is no question of biting the house.

If you see a snake, give him the opportunity to leave, no problem. If there is a possibility of having a snake in the house, especially if there is a hole in the pit, then burn the dry chilli in the fire.

 Besides, there are carbonic acids in the market, bring them in the house with bottles
snakes can go away. If someone is bitten by snakes, do not go to Ojha or Buddha and give 1000 antivirum injections to the snake.
 InshaAllah is sure to be healthy.

 The most important thing for a bored person is courage. If you do not have the courage required, the patient will die of heart.

After bite of snake, the patient survives for 7/8 hours, so be patient with quick injections.

If you know the identity of a snake bite, then there is some benefit to the treatment, but be careful not to waste too much time on it.

Injection of almost all toxic poisonous toxic poison in Bangladesh has been discovered. Trying to find vaccine vaccine for Russell Viper only. This snake is not seen anywhere except the Rajshahi of Bangladesh.
Remember, consciousness can save many lives.

At this moment, the snakes will roam more for the cold wind, so people are bitten at this time.

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