If you talk about 100 taka, the tax of 27 taka

Raise the words The government will have to pay tax on mobile phones more than ever before. Increasingly, more than 5 percent of supplementary tariffs are being levied due to the call rate. Speaking of every 100 taka from now, the government pocket will be automatically withdrawn to 27 taka.

At present, 15 percent VAT, 5 percent supplementary duty and 1 percent of surcharges have been imposed on mobile phones. So that the customer has to pay 22 percent directly to speak to the mobile phone. Due to the addition of 5 percent supplementary duty, it will be 27 percent more than that. That means every one hundred taka in the call rate of 27 taka tax.

Budget proposals of Tk 5 lakh 23 thousand 190 crore have been proposed for the fiscal year 2012-20. Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal presented the budget at 3pm on Thursday at the 3rd session of the Eleventh Parliament. It is 48th in the country, 20th of Awami League government and first budget of Mustafa Kamal as finance minister.
The size of the new budget is increasing, more than 12.6 percent. The budget deficit amount has been estimated to be 1 lakh 45 thousand 950 crore. Which is 20 thousand 657 crores more than the current fiscal year budget. The budget will be passed on June 30. The new fiscal year will start from July 1.

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